Our Medicine Womyn

Bernice, Val & Cassandra


Want to know what tea to drink,
look no further Bernice has all the information you need to fix, calm or invigorate your system with one of Soul Medicines amazing teas..

She also has great knowledge in womyns medicines


Wild picking, smudging, healing herbs & womyns medicine

For great insight on how to heal what ails you,

how to wild pick & when,

Val has the insight & knowledge you seek.


Cassandra is a Certified Aromatherapist,

blending alluring  perfumes, chakra alignment sets,

massage oils & healing blends made just for you or try one of her premade

Body Butters, Soap, Facial Kits, Acne Blends.

Cassandra has 3 years in Apothecary School plus additional workshops to expand & hone her skills.

Intermediate Level Training
Introduction plus 4 Advance Specialty Training
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